Alembic Global Holding SA  

Alembic Global Holding SA is the 100 % subsidiary of the flagship company Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited, India, located in Switzerland. The basic objective of forming a wholly owned overseas subsidiary is to expand business globally aiming at purchase, sale, packaging, manufacturing, research and development of pharmaceutical products, intermediates and raw materials as well as acquisition and management of Intellectual property. Alembic Global Holding SA is the headquarter for all the overseas business in countries like USA, Europe, UAE, Australia and other developed markets. Company has wholly owned subsidiaries in these countries. Alembic Global Holding SA has also set up a branch in Dubai, UAE to cater to its distribution network in the rest of the world markets.

Wholly owned subsidiary of Alembic Global Holding SA

Name Country
  Alembic Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited Malta
 Alembic Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Limited Australia
 Alnova Pharmaceuticals SA Switzerland
 Alembic Pharmaceuticals Canada Limited Canada

Contact Us

Headquarters :
Alembic Global Holding SA
Rue Fritz-Courvoisier 40,
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds,
Phone: +41 (0)32 967 95 95

Branch :
Alembic Global Holding SA- DMCC
Office 3702-25, JBC-2,
Cluster-V, Dubai
Phone: +971 43 71 33 26